Quickest and Easiest Long Term Solution

Design-build, E/P/C, and Conventional Bid are all construction worlds, we operate in on a daily basis. Satisfying needs for ultimate performance, economy, speed, environmental compliance and workers safety. From a total life cycle point of view, STOPAQ Coatings offers the most economical solution to all parties involved. Unlike conventional systems, surface preparation and application technique is not critical to the success of the STOPAQ coating.

In addition STOPAQ CZH offers self-healing capabilities in case of small minor damages.

Typical succesful objects:
-Field Joints

Description: Fieldjoint application at the BBL Pipeline to Bacton UK
Description: STOPAQ CZH System for field joint protection of the insulatated Pipeline
Description: Filling job under a long distance lake
Description: Hoze connection from Truck to Casing. At Casing, there is 2 inch connections for filling and venting air.
Description: Excavation work, station under construction
Description: STOPAQ is excellent and not to be beated by any other system protecting difficult objects like bends, T-joints, expansion joints and flanges
Description: Filling the annulus space of the J-tube in order to seal the leak at the bell-mouth; as sub-contractor for Saipem SA.
Description: STOPAQ Steam Heated Tank Container on board at the Platform