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Protecting the future

Duct Sealing

18 February 2012

Through-wall Penetration Sealing.

Our STOPAQ products have been used to seal various ducts at a five-story office building. The level below ground featured a car park with space for 60 vehicles, an electrical plant room, a boiler room, a water storage tank, a bike store, and storage space.

The contractor had 34 ducts and service penetrations in the basement walls that needed sealing prior to the pumps being removed and the external ground water level returning to its natural level.

The building was built within three meters of the Grand Union Canal, meaning that the groundwater table was only 500 millimeters below ground level. In order to keep the excavation dry enough to work on, four sumps were built during construction to continuously pump water out of the area.

Access was only available from inside the basement, so Aquastop 2100 and Mortar FR were used to create a strong watertight seal. A mixture of cast-in and cored pipe services and cable ducts, including water pipes, sprinkler system and electricity cables were sealed.

We also had to seal several empty duct openings that had been cored through the concrete wall in the wrong location. Within a working day, all 34 ducts and penetrations were sealed on the same day. The ducts have been sealed for over 10 years now and the client has had no leaks.


Aquastop 2100 is a combination of a compound to seal pipe or cable wall penetrations and hollow spaces against gases, moisture, standing water, or running groundwater, along with a mortar to finish as a mechanical or fire-resistant barrier.

Learn more about the benefits of this product here: Through-wall Penetration Sealing

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 


sealed on the same day

10 yrs

Maintenance Free

STOPAQ Protective Coatings Provide

A permanent, environmentally friendly, corrosion prevention solution

-45 to 95'C

Asset operating temperatures


Proven long term asset protection


Square meters of maintenance free asset