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Protecting the future

FPSO components

24 June 2019

FPSO components protection and noise reduction

Our STOPAQ products have been used protecting FPSO components at a facility located in Norway. This project composed of coating varying pipe components, fittings and reducers within the facility to reduce health and safety risk factors.

The client required a solution for corrosion protection which is flexible enough to withstand vibrations, flexing and movement of equipment.

Due to the high levels of noise pollution in this area, personnel were only permitted to work there for a maximum of 15 minutes without proper hearing protection.

With surface temperatures exceeding 95°C and poor access to all components, a simple and easily applied solution was needed.

The area is fully operational so the solution also needed to have minimal surface preparation to reduce collateral damage within facility (ie. from blasting) and to avoid a shutdown.

STOPAQ has been proven to provide solutions in stringent application conditions including different temperature gradients, minimal working area, and minimal surface preparation – application is hazard free without the use of complex equipment or primers. This made our products the ideal solution.

A mix of high-pressure water jet and hand tool cleaning was used for the surface preparation to take off any loose existing coating.

STOPAQ Wrappingband CZHT and Outerwrap HTPP was then applied to various components including varying pipe sizes, elbows/bends, Tee-joints, Y-joints and reducers. There was no need for a shutdown, the equipment remained fully operational.

The added benefit of the STOPAQ products used was a noise reduction of roughly 10 dB with just a single layer of STOPAQ Wrappingband and Outerwrap, a huge advantage to the client.

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

≥ 10 dB

Noise Reduction

2 Person

Application Crew



STOPAQ Protective Coatings Provide

A permanent, environmentally friendly, corrosion prevention solution

-45 to 95'C

Asset operating temperatures


Proven long term asset protection


Square meters of maintenance free asset