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Protecting the future

Municipal Water Sector

15 March 2023

Protecting municipal water facilities.

Going back to the roots of STOPAQ products, our team has had great success within the municipal sector which is opening up a completely new segment of customers and applications in both anti-corrosion and sealing. 

Our STOPAQ products have been used for filling and sealing various voids and cracks at a Rainwater Management System in Alberta.

The Rainwater Management System and associated Oil & Grit separator are located within a high water table and adjacent to an environmentally sensitive area.

Previous methods of waterproofing and sealing these chambers have all failed, allowing fresh water from the adjacent pond to mix with the trapped contaminants in the chamber and pollute the pond water and the outflow into the pond.

STOPAQ was given the challenge of waterproofing and sealing all cracks, voids, penetrations and seams in the entire outflow system.

STOPAQ has been proven to provide solutions in stringent application conditions including different temperature gradients, minimal working area, and minimal surface preparation.

In this project, Repair Filler was widely used to fill annular spaces around concrete pipe penetrations, gaps in piping due to uneven trenching as well as the seams and joint of a separation ‘weir wall’ in the upper chamber.

Additionally, the lower chamber was located in an 8 meter deep (27’) excavation that is continually filled with groundwater. All the precast joints had Repair Filler installed before assembly with all connection pockets filled as well.

Afterward, all the external seams were coated with STOPAQ Basecoat, creating an impervious, water-tight structure.

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 


Permanent Sealant Solution

"Extremely pleased with the exceptional performance!"

The feedback from our customers has been astounding and they are extremely pleased with the exceptional performance of the STOPAQ products in all the applications.