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Offshore Angel Platform

Rehabilitation of Platform roof

3 August 2012

Preventative maintenance offshore

Located in Australia, this angel platform was sealed with Wrappingband EZ and a Flexible UV resistant Top Coat.


Harsh offshore conditions caused expedited degradation of the coating on this angel platform. Client required a flexible coating with high resistance to chlorides, temperature fluctuations and UV exposure.

Due to the application conditions, a coating which is not heavily affected by chloride content is ideal to not cause a blistering effect over time with traditional paint coatings.


STOPAQ Wrappingband EZ provided an easy to apply solutions, with low surface preparation and a wide application window for the applicators. The sealing compound and mesh created a watertight seal while maintaining structural integrity for walking and movement.

STOPAQ can be applied on an St.2-St.3 surface preparation and is not affected by an osmosis phenomenon which is typically found with high chloride content on the surface prior to application of traditional paint systems.

The unique design of a non-woven paintable backing allowed the client to apply a UV protective TopCoat with their specified colour.