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Refinery Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of failed FBE coating

16 July 2012

Asset life extension onshore

This NGL plant in Scotland was experiencing frequent maintenance due to their harsh application and environmental conditions. Stopaq was chosen to easy rehab the coating system and decrease maintenance frequency without an effect on the refinery process.


Rehab every 5 years on the coating was required due to;

  • severe environmental conditions on site during application ​
  • limited time for coating maintenance​
  • severe corrosion due to weathering and failure of existing coating system​
  • Severe exposure conditions (C5-I and C5-M)​
  • Stronghly reduced coating performance

Major Client Requirements

  • Extending the service life of the asset​
  • Time and money saving solution​
  • Environmental, installation and worker safe approach


Effectively exceeded the client’s requirements while extending their maintenance cycles

  • Eliminate blasting, tarping and conditioning​
  • No need for high power diesel generators, compressors, ​ heaters (no emission and extensive logistics)​
  • Using a single component, non-aging coating system without ​ any VOC​
  • Reducing the amount of PPE, breathing equipment, etc.​
  • Reducing the scafffolding strength, no abrasives weight to ​ consider​
  • Increase productivity due to easy application in various climatcconditions​
  • Reducing waste and clean-up, no hazardous remains​
  • No effect on the refinery process​