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test vs reality


Are we designing for the standard or for reality?

Our Mission & Vision


You might meet the standards but what about reality?

the standard

We are very much aware of the coating’s performance in laboratory conditions, but how often are we faced with those in reality? Impact resistance, holiday detection, peel strength, cathodic disbondment and many more parameters are tested in artificial conditions.

the reality

On site challenges make us wonder: are we designing for the standard or for reality? STOPAQ is purpose designed by practical
engineers and is always challenging the rules in order to comply with reality.

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Purpose designed

  • Polyisobutene (PIB) based coating
  • with self-healing properties
  • impervious layer to oxygen, water and MIC
  • permanent adhesion to the surface
  • simple and easy to apply
  • maintenance free asset protection
  • 90% saved on surface preparation costs
  • up to 95% reduced waste production

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

Protecting the future 

how about

coating a 6°C pipe in a -20°C environment?

Our reality in this case was a 6°C surface and a -20°C atmospheric temperature. A quick adhesion test to confirm surface cleanliness was sufficient to continue the application without effecting the lifetime.


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