2 March 2023

Patented coating systems

Since 2013 STOPAQ has held patented coating systems in its portfolio that can be applied as repair coating on wet pipelines like condensing lines, riser pipes in the splash zone area, and submerged pipelines. These coating systems consist of Wrappingband CL (for condensing lines) or Wrappingband SZ (for risers and submerged pipelines) and are applied as inner layer with a direct bond to the steel.

Over the course of time, we often received inquiries to develop a similar product with a higher maximum
temperature rating, and so in 2019, we started new product development. Our aim was to create a new system with a temperature rating of 70 °C.

Creating a new system

The project development was led by Jan Otto Schutte, (pictured left below holding our celebration cake), and he had to start from scratch because various ingredients used for Wrappingband CL and SZ were not suited for use in a product with a higher temperature rating.

The experimental stages included: the selection of candidate raw materials, screening for the most important properties of formulations at lab-scale, statistical design of experiments (DOE) to determine optimum mix-ratios of ingredients, scale up to production size batches, and testing for properties to see if minimum requirements of the applicable standard ISO 18797-2 could be met.

Commercial introduction

The experimental stages were successfully finished last year and Wrappingband WSH was then introduced commercially as a replacement for both Wrappingband CL and Wrappingband SZ. Since then a number of successful applications have been completed with customers and the feedback has been very positive.

Following our successful introduction to the market we applied for, and have had granted and published, a full patent for the product. The entire STOPAQ team has played a part in the successful development and introduction of STOPAQ WrappingBand WSH.