12 June 2024

Imagine a world where keeping your power plant running smoothly doesn’t require complicated solutions. That’s the future Stopaq is striving for with our advancements in protective coating solutions, which we discussed in our most recent article published in the May 2024 issue of International Power Engineer.

The article explores the need for efficiency without compromising on quality, in order to provide protection to assets, extend their life, and help support sustainable goals, all whilst advocating on key point: protective coating solutions don’t need to be complex!

Read below a summarized version of the article, which you can find in full here

Coating Solutions Designed for reality

For protective coatings to operate in various environmental demands, we need to consider the reality in which they will exist. This could range from a 60c pipe in a -200c environment, coating a 900c pipe without shutting it down, or an extensively pitted surface where minimum surface preparation would be preferred.

Let us take the latter and use liquid coatings as an example. The Achilles’ heel of many liquid coatings is surface preparation. Achieving optimal adhesion typically requires blasting, a process that’s abrasive, time-consuming, and generates hazardous waste.  But what if there was a way to achieve superior protection with minimal prep work?

Enter STOPAQ WrappingBand: A Game-Changer for Corrosion Protection

STOPAQ’s innovative WrappingBand technology uses a polyisobutene-based coating that requires only a simple wire brush and alcohol wipe for surface prep. This translates to significant advantages:

  • Faster application: Forget blasting equipment and procedures. STOPAQ can be applied quickly and easily, even in confined spaces.
  • Reduced downtime: No need to shut down operations for extensive prep work. STOPAQ works on live assets, minimizing disruption and costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: No hazardous waste or emissions associated with blasting. STOPAQ prioritizes user and environmental safety.

But speed and ease of application aren’t the only benefits. STOPAQ’s visco-elastic properties allow it to conform to irregular surfaces and even self-heal minor damages, meaning long-lasting protection (30+ years) in harsh environments.

Wide-ranging Applications

The applications for STOPAQ extend across various industries and renewable energy sectors. These include::

Energy infrastructure: Protecting pipes (hot or cold), underground installations, etc.

LNG sector: Ensuring corrosion-free operation throughout the LNG process.

Wind energy: Repair wind turbines, seal flanges, and protect internal sensors.

By prioritising simplicity, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, STOPAQ coatings solutions are a game-changer for corrosion protection. They not only ensure the longevity and reliability of our infrastructure but also pave the way for a more sustainable future. So, next time you think about fighting corrosion, remember – sometimes, the most effective solutions are the most elegant ones.