23 July 2023

Approval for Marine and Offshore use

Both STOPAQ products and Easy-Qote products have been reviewed by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) which review and oversee products for offshore and marine use. The Product Design Approvals (PDA) and certificates have gone over extensive review on ensuring that the pillars of safety, reliability, and innovation are met. With these PDA certificates contractors and end users can be confident that these products will provided lasting performance, sustainability and responsibly.

This Product Design Assessment (PDA) Certificate remains valid until 12/Jul/2028  and is valid for installation of the listed product on ABS units. You can find the certificates here:
STOPAQ: Type Approval PDA Details (eagle.org)
Easy-Qote: Type Approval PDA Details (eagle.org)

Purpose designed

Upstream, downstream, midstream and shipping – together with EasyQote we’ve got purpose-designed solutions for the entire LNG Supply Chain.

Read all about our solutions in the STOPAQ LNG brochure