2 January 2023

Explosive growth

2022 was a year of many successes, one that stands out has been the gained momentum around STOPAQ within this region. The creation of dedicated sales and support teams to nurture and grow the product line has been instrumental in the explosive growth of the product line in a short period of time.

Water-proofing and sealing

The oil and gas industry continues to be the majority of our revenue – however, because of the versatility, economic viability, and simplicity of this coating, we are uncovering a growing list of opportunities both inside and outside this segment. Although still driven by anti-corrosion applications, one of the most notable highlights of 2022 would include the return of STOPAQ to its foundational roots in water-proofing and sealing. Our recent penetration and success within the municipal sector have opened up a completely new segment of customers and applications in both anti-corrosion and sealing.

Succesful applications

The City of Calgary, Airdrie, and Edmonton have all begun using STOPAQ Wrappingband, Aquastop, Repair Filler, and Basecoat for various applications. Most recently we have completed a trial program of weld-protection for the City of Calgary Feedermains using Wrappingband, as well as waterproofing and sealing a concrete oil and grit separator for the City of Airdrie using Repair Filler and Basecoat. The feedback from our customers has been astounding and they are extremely pleased with the exceptional performance of the STOPAQ products in all the applications. We plan to extend the reach and success of these applications to Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, and other municipalities, this is just the beginning!

Growth in North America image 2